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Run for Life 2023: Team LivingWorks

Run for Life – an event put on by the Centre for Suicide Prevention (CSP) that aims to raise awareness for suicide prevention and remember loved ones lost to suicide – took place from Sept. 16-23. 

The LivingWorks team located in Calgary, AB were proud participants of the event, and were able to run and walk together as a team. The event is virtual, meaning that you can walk, run or do any other physical activity of your choice to participate.  

Suicide Prevention Administrator, Amanda Tobin, helped organize and put together a LivingWorks team for the event and believes it could become an important yearly tradition. 

“I think it would be a great idea to do this every year and build that relationship with the CSP and our relationship with each-other,” says Tobin. “The funds collected [from the event] help fund a lot of free training that CSP offers throughout suicide prevention month… it helps our mission to create suicide-safer communities because this race is done all over the world.” 

Amanda Tobin (right), Holly Crone (middle) and Siobhan Van Duzen (left) participating in the Run for Life event.

Compliance Manager, Holly Crone, and IT Operations and Support Analyst, Travis Milne, were participating in the event for the first time. They both believed that participation in the event provided a great opportunity to support LivingWorks’ mission of making communities around the world safer from suicide. 

“Amanda did a great job of getting us organized and hyped up for it,” says Crone. “It was really good to see that number of staff out there doing the walking and the running, and there was that comradery there.” 

Milne says participants of the event got the chance to raise awareness for the cause beyond what is contributed in the workplace.  

“It was nice to do it for the first time, learn more about the event, more about the CSP… it was a good experience,” says Milne. “Working here, you kind of contribute to the cause but to do it outside of your everyday work and raise awareness through a different avenue and get to know your colleagues better and stretch the legs, it was good.” 

Crone says the event was a fun way to show support for a cause that can sometimes take on a serious tone. 

“I think it really shows that we’re working together for a common cause and supporting the mission of suicide-safer communities – that we’re happy to do those things.” 

The versatility of the participation options ultimately makes the event accessible to everyone. Tobin says that the best advice for those who are interested in participating is to have fun and enjoy it.  

“Just have fun with it. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to do it, you can do it over a week – take your dog for a walk and see how far you go. The only advice is to have fun and pick a warm day.” 

Cover Photo: Ricky Nguyen/LivingWorks

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